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No staring.


This is a fitness facility, not a movie theater. If you're too busy focusing on what someone else is doing, you're certainly not giving your workout the attention it deserves. 

Don't linger around naked for long periods of time in the locker room.


Lingering around naked can make the other people around you a tad uncomfortable. Refrain from channeling your inner exhibitionist, and save that for the comfort of your own home. 



Please don't attempt! Workouts are a super fun date idea, but the gym is not a substitute for bedroom time—no matter how turned on a good sweat makes you feel. 

There's no need for a full face of makeup.


Let your skin breathe! This is a place to work out, not a fashion show. Exert any actual effort, and you can immediately kiss that glam goodbye. 

Save the selfies for your own mirror.


Looking swole is cool and all, but the gym is for working out—not photoshoots. Extra penalty points for taking selfies that showcase other gym-goers. 

Avoid texting while using equipment.


 While you're busy making plans for tonight, someone else is standing by trying to be productive with their sweat strategy. Your conversation can wait until you're done with the weights.

There's no excuse for not racking your weights properly.


This is ultimate laziness, especially since the weights couldn't be in a more easy-to-organize format, TBH. Go on, and put the 15-pounder in the 15-pound slot. 

Don't hit on someone wearing headphones.


Headphones are the ultimate don't-eff-with-me indicator. Save your game for the smoothie bar, and let a lady sweat (and jam out) in peace. 

Come on, no flexing in the mirror.


Again, kudos on the gains. But it's not cool to make your fellow gym-goers feel awkward, watching you flex on 'em in the mirror. 

Never give someone unsolicited advice.


No matter what your qualifications are, it's never cool to intrude on someone's workout space, especially when they aren't looking for your opinion.


Don't leave your belongings on a bench to claim it as yours, then walk away.


 You. Do. Not. Own. This. Bench. If you're hoping to stake your claim on a particular piece of gym equipment, look into how much it costs on Amazon, and start saving your pennies. 

The gym is not a café, so don't treat it like one.


Whether it's before, during, or after your workout—the gym is not a place to sit on equipment and enjoy your juice/coffee/smoothie/protein shake. Keep your sips (and eats!) off the gym floor, and save that for another time.